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Free Webmaster Internet Tools

Free Graphic Programs:
Favorites Icon Program
Logo Generator
Composite Image Maker

Free HTML Tools:
DHTML Scripts

Free Web Site Monitoring
Free Monitoring Tools


Free DNS, IP and HTTP Tools
DNS Reverse Lookup
Host DNS Report
HTTP Viewer
IP Address Lookup

Free Domain Valuation
Web Domain Valuation

Free Whois Tools
Whois Tools

Free DHTML Scripts
How about a ton of Free DHTML Scripts? You will find scripts for menus and navigation, document effects, scrollers, links and tool tips, general Images, calendars, image slideshows, date and time, mouseover images, dynamic content, form effects, mouse and cursor, window and frames, text animations, user/system preference and DHTML Games!

Another great source for free Scripts is HotScripts.com has free scripts for ASP, ASP.NET, C and C++, CFML, CGI and Perl, Flash, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Remotely Hosted, Tools and Utilities, and to many others to list here!

Free Favorite / Bookmark Icon Program:
Using this Graphics to Icon Conversion Tool will mean your site will stand out in a surfers favorites / bookmark list. Its works great and it's free!

I have found that my favorite / bookmark traffic has greatly increased since adding a Favicon to each of my sites and this tool is free and real simple.

What you need to do is make your icon as a JPEG or GIF 16 pixels by 16 pixels. After you use the free tool to convert you image to an ICO file, upload to the root of your domain and that is it!

Now that this is done, every time a surfer will bookmark your site, your new icon is copied into their cache file and displays whenever that visitor returns. When they look into this bookmark list, the bookmarks with the Favicon will stand out - more traffic for you!

Free Logo Generator:
Make your web site look more professional the easy way with a free Logo Generator that is a snap to use. This program makes professional looking buttons too. Speaking of buttons, a great we also found a great web site button maker.

Free Image Composite Editor:
You can now get for free the Microsoft Image Composite Editor which is a program that stitches photographs together to make a panoramic view. Since the Microsoft Image Composite Editor takes many photographs and turns them into one, the final high resolution result can be saved in common formats like JPEG and TIFF to multi-resolution tiled.

You can take those images and use the as an HTML Map too!

The Free edition Pixlr Editor lets you use your pictures or from numerous libraries.

Free Firefox Web Browser:
Some ways to keep your computer from getting spyware is to avoid any questionable web sites and it also help to use a browser such as Firefox which is a free downloaded.

Not only does Firefox keep some of the adware and spyware in check, it kills pop ups.

Web Developers and Techies love the firefox internet browser as it offers tools and free "extensions" that have color pickers, built in FTP management, Goggle PR checkers, multiple Search engine drop down list, color coded source code viewer, and dozens of other features not found on other browsers.

Free DNS Reverse Lookup:
When looking through your logs you want to find out more about a single visitor to your site use this Reverse DNS Lookup Tool. Fast and free, the way I like my webmaster tools!

Free HTTP viewer:
Need to see what's on a page including source code, IP, redirects and more? Use the free HTTP viewer.

IP Address Lookup
this IP Address Locator Tool page also has so free Geo Scripts for custom welcomes to your surfers.

Whois Tools
My top 2 are dmanalyzer.com and domaintools.com but I also like the Fagan Finders URLinfo is a tool for handling web pages: finding information about it, translating it, finding related pages, etc. Another one of the better Whois tools is Whois Source.

Free Web Domain Valuation
While far from perfect SitePrice.org will give you a rough idea of what a web site is worth.

Free Web Site Monitoring
If you have a web site or if you have manage web sites for clients, it will go down the question is when. Do you want to know your site is down before you boss does or your customers call? Sure you do!

This free program will monitor up to 100 web sites and if there is a problem it shoots you an email and when the site goes back you are alerted as well.

If your web site goes down because of your host or your domain name company, this is the best way (and the cheapest) to nail the problem and find out fast. You become the hero not the whipping boy.

The Monastic Web Site monitoring tool is the program out there and we use it for all of our clients!