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Target Audience Behavioral Analysis
Wouldn't it be nice to know exactly what your customers are looking for and how they are finding it? Would it not be even nicer if they find you faster than they find your competitors? How about of you found and entire segment of your market that you and your competitors were not taking advantage of?

Target Audience Behavioral Analysis is the basis of all of the Search Engine Marketing and Optimization we perform. This is the foundation in which your entire web site should be based upon. Unfortunately most companies in web design and even those in the search engine industry do not know about this or have the ability to properly gather market intelligence needed for this crucial part of your internet marketing campaign.

Many companies are so taken aback by the findings of our Target Audience Behavioral Analysis, that they immediatly incorporate the findings of our study in the offline segment of their business as well.

When this study is over you will receive a concise report and know exactly what your customers really want so you will now be able to provide them with exactly what they want.

Depending on the industry and the range of products and services you offer most studies take from 1 to 6 hours.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Our Search Engine Optimization services goal is to get you ranking higher on the Main Search engines "natural" also called "organic" results when a potential customer is looking for the goods or services you are providing.

It has been proven that organic listings not only have a higher click through rate but a higher rate of closing a sale or collecting a lead. The goal is to rank as well as possible for the phrases and words that the Target Audience Behavioral Analysis revealed.

There is no single method that will increase your rankings. There is no single weapon in our extensive arsenal that will accomplish the results you are looking for either.

The Search Engine Optimization strategies we employ are based upon a 3 phase program:

Phase 1) Identify and correct on page factors immediately that will cause Search engines to ban your site, ignore your site, or keep you artificially low in the rankings.

These factors would include but are not limited to:

Phase 2) Now that your site is in compliance it is time to control factors that will improve your rankings and improve your web site visitor’s experience.

These factors would include but are not limited to:

Phase 3) This phase is what will make a site become a superstar as these are serious web site marketing techniques that will not only make your site rank even better but will keep the search engines coming back to visit your sites again and again allow them adjust their listings immediately to any new information and products that you add.

These factors would include but are not limited to:

If all of these Search Engine Optimization steps look as if they are a lot of work, your right, a moderate size site can take on average an hour a page to get up to phase 3. This does not include directory submissions, and inbound linking, and assumes that they content is already written and only needs some editing and tweaking in order to be search engine optimized.

It is much easier and cheaper to incorporate our services in the planning and development stage of your web site so that the web sites architecture starts out right from the foundation on up.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
Now that you know what your customers are looking for as a result of your Target Audience Behavioral Analysis, your site has been Functionality Optimization, and you are in the process or finished with the Search Engine Optimization it is time to take your Search Engine Marketing to the next level.

Web Site Functionality Optimization
Not only should a web site present the information a surfer is looking for in order to turn a casual visitor into paying customer, it needs to easy to navigate, simple to understand the theme or message of each page and compelling to keep the user on your site and coming back for more.

Is the text on your site to large or too small to compel your visitors? The answer can astonish you! Are you aware that approximately 10% of your male surfers are color blind and do not see your site the way you intended for them to? Many may not even be able to use your site at all!

Some sites fall under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and have additional compliance requirements for visitors that have disabilities. Failure to correct these issues can lead to expensive litigation and tremendous negative publicity.

It takes extensive experience with marketing, web design, surfer psychology, understanding the physical limitations of your web site visitors as well as understanding surfer behavioral evolution to effectively optimize your web sites's functionality.

Surfers behavioral evolution is the phenomenon where as the people have become more assimilated to working with computers their behavior and how they interface with the computer changes. Prime examples are that web surfers have developed marketing "blind spots" and otheweb sitete design characteristics that were benign to surfers can now cause them to immediately exit your site and never come back.

The time required to conduct a Web Site Functionality Optimization depends on the size and complexity of the site, the target audience, and if you sites or sites fall under ADA compliance. Minimum billing for a Web Site Functionality Optimization is 1 hour per site.

Competitor Tracking and Analysis
How can you stay ahead of the competition if you have no idea of what they are doing?

Often it is just as crucial to know what your competition is doing as it is for to know where you are ranking. This can make a huge difference when you are paying for performance with for example a Pay Per Click marketing program. As soon as your competition moves up or down in the rankings, you can adjust your marketing accordingly. By keeping on top of what your competition is doing you will find you can react their weakness faster and well as adjust your strategy and up the ante if they gain strength.

Receive concise simple to understand reports that clearly show you the trends of you competitor. You can choose to use our Competitor Tracking and Analysis service once, yearly, monthly or weekly.

We also have an option for manually checking your competitors' sites page by page for any changes that they make to individual pages. Prices quoted upon request.

Marketing and Strategic Planning
Not everyone is going to find your businesses web site through search engines even if you are a purely online company.

Since we advise everyone to never count one source of customers just as you could never build a successful business based upon a single customer.

Here are some successful ways we have already have already increased sales:

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