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Twitter has exploded as both a tool for personal expression as well as a fantastic way to market your company, organization or brand. The growth in twitter users is unlike anything we have ever seen before.

best free twitter tools

What makes Twitter great is its simplicity. Now use the free tools below to get found, get seen, find others, track usage, post easier and did we mention make money? These tools are all free and as more come out, if they are worth it we will add them to the list. Enjoy!

HootSuite: Social Media Dashboard

Twitter Tools that work with all Browsers

HootSuite - The absolute best Social Media Tools and dashboard for people in the know and businesses is HootSuite The best Twitter Tool hands down.

Twitter Feed: If you have a blog or web site with an RSS feed and you use Twitter you will love this free tool. Can be used on more than 1 blog or twitter account. How did I live without Twitter Feed?

TwitPic: This tool lets you share your photos on Twitter with a short URL as a link. Why host your own pictures when you can TwitPic?

Tweet Ping: See what is happening around the world in the twitter universe in real time. You have to see this to believe it. Be sure ot check out TweetPing dunring and after a huge news event.

Twuffer: A Twitter posting scheduler. Pretype Twit posts and schedule when you want them posted. You can be on vacation or still in bed and look like you are at your desk posting on twitter.

StockTwits: Think of StockTwits as the Google Alerts for the stock market. "Listen" to what the market insiders, speculators and average Joes are twitting about and if you want, put in your own 2 cents.

With Stock Twits you can search and follow your favorite stocks and it's all free!

TwitterCounter: This tool updates your blog or web site daily showing how many followers you have on twitter.

Twitter Grader: This tool measures the reach and authority of a Twitter user giving each twitter user a score from 1 to 100 and is constantly updating.

FlipTitle: Turns text upside down in your Twitter posts so it stands out from the rest. Getting noticed is everything and this tool when used in moderation will help.

Twitter Search: Twitters own built in search function. I have seen better and I am sure with time this tool will improve.

Tweetdeck: Yet another client on steroids. This perfect for the big time twitter people who have to keep track of everything that's going on in easy to configure columns. You can filter your tweets by username, source, time frame or text.

With TweetDeck Twitter client you can resize how you view Twitter as either an unobtrusive column, a full screen or anything in between. Tweetdeck even works well when running it in full screen on a separate monitor.

Twistori: Tap into the Twitter conversations revolving around life's central activities: Love, Hate, Think, Believe, Feel, Wish.

TweetPsych: This will allow you to build a psychological profile of someone based on the content of their tweets. To at its best should analyse an account with at least 1,000 tweets.

HootSuite: Social Media Business Suite

Twitter Tools for Firefox Users

Serious web masters and surfers all agree: Firefox makes for the best web experience! With countless great add ons firefox is the most useful and tweakable browser out there. Sure there are other great twitter tools that work with Internet Explorer but the best platform to use Twitter on is firefox by far.

Power Twitter: The most power twitter application tool out there period. Watch your twitter thread and preview pictures, make sure of the integrated search module, see any @mentions about you with one click, see other twitters profile by just hovering over their Twitter name and so much more. It's called Power Twitter for a darn good reason!

Classify Twitter Users: Use this tool to classify Twitter users and decide whether they are worth following based on their friends, followers and post ratios. You need Firefox and Greasemonkey to get this to work (both free).

Retweet This: If you use Firefox and the Greasemonkey plug-in this will place a retweet button to the end of each Twitter entry to encourage your followers to retweet your posts.

Twitter Best Free Trend Tracking Tools

HootSuite Pro Social Media Management. HootSuite Pro social media dashboard.

Hashtags: Use hashtags analytic reports and indexing features to allow users to track what's happening right now on twitter.

Has tags are like keywords or meta tags for twitter and you make a hash tag by prefixing a word with the "#" symbol so the hashtag for SEO would be #SEO.

Make your posts get found by others twitter users who are not following you using hashtags and find others by using this program.

Tweetmeme: This quickly updating twitter tracking tool automatically tracks the most popular links on twitter every 5 minutes and is able to categorize these links into 4 distinct categories: blogs, images, videos and audio.

Are we missing a Twitter tool that you love? Let us know!

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